Climate emergency


Public pressure is increasing, climate protection is coming more into focus; not least thanks to groups like Fridays for Future or Extinction Rebellion, which are massively drawing attention to the issues. More and more cities and communities around the world are reacting and taking action. They declare a climate emergency or adopt similar declarations and thus send a strong signal for more municipal climate protection.

Basis Climate Protection

Whether climate emergency, climate manifesto or climate crisis – the declarations are more than just a symbol and can make a difference at the local level. They make it clear that climate protection must play a central role in all municipal decisions. Awareness of climate change is also increasing within the local administration, where climate protection must be considered as a cross-sectional task in all areas. Many cities and municipalities also involve their citizens and sensitise them to the issues of climate protection and climate change.

The municipal commitment also illustrates at regional and national level that municipalities cannot achieve the climate targets alone, but are dependent on the support of all levels.

By October 2020, around 100 Climate Alliance members had already declared a climate emergency. This makes Climate Alliance the most experienced city network in the field of climate emergency.