What can you do?

Here you will find a few examples and suggestions on how you can become active yourself:

  • Reduce your emissions, for example by travelling by bike, bus or train, making your diet (more) sustainable (organic, balanced, reduced meat) and consuming less electricity by using efficient appliances or LEDs. Forcountless more tips and activities, see www. change-the-future.eu!
  • Get involved in non-profit organisations andmovements, local clubs or initiatives working in the field of climate protection.
  • Contribute your thoughts and ideas to committees or councils in your town/ community.
  • Keep up to date and become active as a citizen of your home country, Europe and the world: become politically active.
  • Participate in practical activities, sign political petitions and support organisations working to achieve sustainable development in the Global South!

Do you have further ideas? We are looking forward to your suggestions:

Further Information


Become a Future Changer and find many ideas and activities at www.change-the-future.eu.

Visit www.overdeveloped.eu for more information about our project, our “Good Life is simple” campaign, educational materials and more